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FreakShakes are our “everything but the kitchen sink” treat! The perfect indulgence to accompany a mouthwatering burger or poutine.
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At the Black Bull Kitchen – We became known for our incredible burgers and our “Greek style” cheese-on-top pizza. We decided to bump it up a notch and expanded our menu to include gourmet poutine selections. We wanted a fun dessert that’s just as incredible to look at as it is to eat! So our chefs went to work to craft our FreakShakes Canada Menu! With incredible custom creations like the Black Bull licorice flavoured shake, or our Birthday Shake it’s hard not to smile!

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We’ve also got a wide range of ingredients for you to make your own custom FreakShake! Mix up a chocolate or vanilla base milkshake with one of over a dozen cereals, and then top it all off with some candy or nuts, and then drizzle on some sauce for a little extra flavour!

Stop by the Black Bull Kitchen and wrap your hands around a cool frosty FreakShake today!